Narrow Crown Vic Installation - 4 3/4" narrower vs. the original Crown Vic front suspension. (67 1/2 minus 4 3/4 = 62 3/4"). The price is $795.  Many thanks to those that have provided insight, encouragement, part information, etc... All comments invited - please email

Since this is the most often asked question, I'll summarize it here... details below
What's included... what else do I need to buy?

$795 Gets you the following:
    Replacement Crossmember
    Upper control arms and associated mounting hardware
    Steering rack mounting hardware
    Lower control arm mounting hardware
    Shock mounting hardware
    Lower Control Arm trailing arm mounting plate.

The following Crown Vic parts are NOT included in the $795 package, but may be purchased separately from Team321 or locally from the supplier of your choice.
    Outer Tie Rods
    Wheel Bearings
    Lower Control Arms
    Brake Rotors and Calipers
    Sway bar links and saddle bushings

*New spindles range from $250 to $300 each depending where you shop. Team321 sells spindles for $175 / pair. These spindles are not new, but have been cleaned, sandblasted and inspected for use... just another option for you.

Next, you must purchase the following to complete the front suspension assembly. These prices are industry estimates, not Team321 quoted prices.
    Steering Rack - Oreilly part number 101-0115 -  approx $100 + $50 core charge
    QA1 Coilover Shocks - 2       3 shock options (specify 1/2" upper and 5/8" lower mounting hardware):
    ALN5855P - $165 each (non adjustable)
    DS502 - $189 each (single adjustable)
    DD502 - $285 each (double adjustable)
    Coil springs - (10" long 2 1/2" diameter)  - price range from $40 - $60

Lastly, you must purchase a Sway bar from me. (1" / 25mm diameter sway bar). Sway bar is specifically designed for a narrow track width crown vic application.
    $175 - sway bar only - powdercoated black. Must reuse Crown Vic sway bar links and saddle bushings.

Approximate shipping costs via FedEx ground from Cocoa Beach FL 32931:
Narrow Crown Vic crossmember - $75 -$100 (plus a $50 crating fee)
Narrow Crown Vic Sway Bar  - $35-$40
Hardware and Upper Control arms - $20

If you would like a complete front suspension, I can provide the entire assembly - spindle to spindle  using new components for $2200 plus shipping. The spindles and steering rack are reconditioned units all other components are new.
Brake components - Rotors, Calipers, wheel bearings - are inexpensive, available near everyone and expensive to ship since they are quite heavy... In most cases the shipping is nearly as expensive as the components. With that in mind, I no longer include the brake components in the 'one price for all' package.

This Narrow Crown Vic crossmember is based on the 2003-2011 Ford Panther Platform that includes Ford Crown Victoria. It is designed to use as many of the Crown Vic suspension components as possible - Upper and Lower control arms, Spindles, brakes and sway bar mounts. You will notice the modified upper control arms... These modified upper control arms will be provided with the crossmember... assembled and ready for install.

Since this crosssmember is narrower than the original... items such as the steering rack and sway bar must be narrower as well. The steering rack is used in a variety of Ford cars - including Thunderbirds and Lincoln Mark viii. I tried to locate a production sway bar that would fit, but in the end it was easier to make a volume deal with a custom bender. I will be stocking these sway bars. The cost is based on my cost and a small handling fee. I have been using QA1 Coilover shocks for years and am quite happy with their price / performance / availability and tech support. The particular shocks were chosen to replace the factory shocks / springs to allow for height adjustment and spring rate selection to be used with a variety of engine choices. All units listed above allow for height adjustment and work with all 2 1/2" diameter industry standard springs.

The following link shows the installation sequence and detailed images of a Narrow CV install in a 1949 Ford truck frame.:

The crossmember is designed to weld to the truck's frame. This is not a bolt-in design. The crossmember incorporates boxing plates with the same contour as the frame rails. These boxing plates also have the same hole pattern as the frame rails.

The Steel crossmember shown below is designed to fit on top of and outside the 1948-52 Ford truck frame rails. The holes line up with the factory holes to ease installation. Other style crossmembers are available to fit other vehicle frames.

I found the best way to install the components is Lower Control Arm first... then Coilover, then Upper Control Arm

and then the Spindle

The steering rack is Oreilly part number 101-0115 used in a wide variety of Ford cars - including Lincoln Mark VIII. The inner tie rods diameter and thread match the Crown Vic outer tie rod making it almost perfect for this application. The only modification required is to remove 1 3/4" from each end of threaded end of the inner tie rod.

and a view from behind the driver's side

Reference shot showing the height of the frame rail above ground. The lower edge of the 1949 Ford truck frame rail is 11" above ground. The measurement was made with 215/75/15 Tires.

and a measurement behind the front axle centerline.