Team321 Rear Suspension Designs
Team321 has designed and manufactured a variety of  IRS mounting Kits and Full tubular Independent Rear Suspension packages for a variety of Custom builds. The main target of the IRS kits has been mid 90's Thunderbirds and Lincoln Mark VIII IRS Subframes. With the introduction of the 2015 Mustang IRS, we have expanded development to use that platform as well.

In addition to designing kits around production IRS units, we can design and manufacture custom IRS packages based on your unique design. Click the link below to see some of our past work... and call / email for more details.

Just a few of our Customer Builds

Custom Rear Suspension Package

Front Suspension Products - $295 and up
Independent Rear Suspension Products - $395
Ford Truck Suspensions
Chevy Truck Suspensions
Crown Vic Installation Kits - $295
Narrow Crown Vic Crossmembers - $795
Custom Front Suspension Package - $2200
Custom Rear Suspension Design

Crown Vic Drill Template Stickers - $20

Phone - (321)960-5945

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