Team321 Custom Front Suspension
Team321 has designed and manufactured custom steel crossmembers to fit a wide variety of cars and trucks. We start with the narrowed Crown Vic track width and geometry and create a crossmember specific to your design needs. The additional cost for these crossmembers is $175 above the $795 Standard Narrow Crown Vic crossmember price.

Custom Narrow Crown Vic Crossmembers - $970

Front Suspension Products - $295 and up
Independent Rear Suspension Products - $395
Ford Truck Suspensions
Chevy Truck Suspensions
Crown Vic Installation Kits - $295
Narrow Crown Vic Crossmembers - $795
Custom Front Suspension Package - $2200
Custom Rear Suspension Design

Crown Vic Drill Template Stickers - $20

Phone - (321)960-5945

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