Porsche 914
Porsche 915
Porsche 930
Porsche 928TT
Dodge 4 Speed Auto
1. Small Block CHEVY V8
2. CADDY 4.9L V8
3. VW flat four
4. DODGE 3.1L V6
5. DODGE 3.5L V6

50/50 weight distribution and low center of gravity contribute to better handling and control of any vehicle. Mid-engine placement is desirable since the center of gravity, largely determined by engine and transaxle placement,  is located low and in the center of the vehicle. Determining which engine and transaxle is correct for your application depends on a number of factors... including available space, cost, horsepower, etc. 

Since the location of the drive axles is known for your application, the only variables are the transaxle length and length of the engine block.  Engine length is easily measured, and transaxle dimensions - such as the distance from the front of the transaxle to the centerline of the axles may be found below. Remember,  waterpumps, alternators, A/C compressors and other front-mounted engine accessories vary in length - and thereby contribute to the overall length of the engine, so consider the additional length of these items when making measurements.

                                    PHOTO OF PORSCHE (914) and INTREPID TRANSAXLE

To complete the drivetrain combo, I've listed the most popular engine choices below. We're open to other engine / trans options, but these are the choices available today.

1. Small Block CHEVY V8... Since the mid 50's the small block Chevy V8 has been the most popular engine available. The wide availability and low cost of performance packages continue the popularity. For V8 power of 300 hp and less, a modified Porsche 914 transaxle may be used... for higher power applications, a Porsche 915 or 930 transaxle is highly recommended. Contact Renegade Hybrids for more information on transaxle pricing and availability. The distance from the front of the engine block to the surface that mates to the transaxle is ______________ inches.

The porsche 928 ties the engine (located in the front of the vehicle) to the transaxle - which is located at the rear of the vehicle - via a "torque tube".  A torque tube is like a driveshaft contained within a housing that adapts the engine to the transaxle. This torque tube may be retained for long wheelbase applications ( 90" to 100" wheelbase) or the torque tube may be eliminated for mid-engine applications. Consider one thing, however... The distance from the centerline of the drive axles and the front of the 928 tranaxle is about 6" longer than other porsche transaxles.

2. Caddy 4.9L V8... Before the NorthStar engine / transaxle package, Cadillac produced a lightweight 4.9L V8 for their Front Wheel Drive DeVille line of luxury cars. These high torque V8 engines weigh only 10 or 20 pounds more than typical GM V6 engines. While the aftermarket performance goodies are not as readily available as the Chevy Smallblock V8, these engines are quite capable in stock form. Additionally, since these Caddy V8 engines were designed for Front Wheel Drive applications, their compact design allows them to fit in tight spaces... This is an excellent engine when space and weight are at a premium. The distance from the front of the engine block to the surface that mates to the transaxle is ______________ inches. This includes the water pump, alternator and A/C compressor... As you can see, this is about 4" shorter than the Chevy smallblock V8.

3. VW flat four.... If the Chevy Small Block V8 is the hottest performance engine in history, the VW is the most available. For rail dune buggies and lowcost applications for lightweight vehicles, this engine is the right choice. This engine was used by Porsche in their 914 model, which makes the 914 transaxle the obvious choice for this engine.

4. Dodge 3.1L or 3.5L V6... The Dodge Intrepid, Chrysler New Yorker LHS, Concorde and 300M Front Wheel Drive 4 door luxury cars locate a V6 engine and transxle between the grill and the front axle... There are millions of these vehicles on the road, making the engine / trans combo VERY available and inexpensive. The downside is their power will not match that of an American V8 engine, but where space is at a premium, these are a great choice. The distance from the front of the engine block to the surface that mates to the transaxle is ______________ inches. And the most important dimension - the distance from the front of the most forward engine accessory to the axle centerline is 27"


Once you've determined your engine / transaxle combination, the next thing to consider is the overall size of the engine cradle to locate the engine, transaxle and suspension in your vehicle. The track width is measured from the outside of one brake rotor to the outside of the other brake rotor. Two track widths are available - The Dodge V6 / transaxle option is only available in the wider track width.

Standard Track Width   66  inches

Wide Track Width  68  inches

Wheelbase measurements are specific to your vehicle... wheelbase being the distance from the center of the front wheel to the center of the rear wheel. Note the engine cradle measurements below are taken from the front mounting point of the cradle to the axle centerline. In the case of engine cradles for Fiero-based kitcar applications, the measurements are given as "extension" to the Fiero's stock wheelbase. For instance an F355 replica requires a +3" wheelbase extension to the factory Fiero wheelbase and a Diablo replica requires an 11" wheelbase extension.

We are available for consulation for all applications.

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