Cradle shown with V8 engine and Porsche transaxle
complete with suspension, brakes and exhaust systems.

Track Width Options

Track width is measured from the center of the driver's side tire to center of the passenger's side tire. This method of measuring track width doesn't lend itself too well when talking about component ( kit ) cars or other custom applications since the offset of the rim plays a role in the measurement. With a zero offset rim, track width and the distance measured from hub to hub will be equal.

In order to clarify the picture of trackwidth, I've spec'd the engine cradle track width from the outtermost portion of the hub (including the brake rotor ) from one side to the other.... This measurement is taken from the center "hat" portion of the rotor, not the friction surface of the rotor.

The two track widths available are 66" and 68"   With these two measurements in mind, you may select a certain wheel offset to match a cradle to your application.

Remember, the Intrepid V6 / auto transaxle option is only available in the wider track version - 68" hub to hub. Since this is a 24 valve engine, the cylinder heads make this a wide engine - causing interference between the exhaust and the engine cradle.

Wheelbase is also adjustable. Since custom applications require specific information, we can't specify a track width for custom applications... although knowing the distance from your rear firewall to the axle centerline will allow us to specify the distance from the forward mounting location ( likely at the firewall ) to the centerline of the drive axles. Knowing this distance, an engine / transaxle combination can be recommended.