The original engine cradle design ( configuration #1 )features opposing rear coilover shocks in a rocker configuration similar to formula 1 and indy cars. This is the prefered configuration since the cradle supports the engine, transaxle and all suspension components as one compact unit.

Another configurations ( configuration #2 ) under development is to use rear coilover struts. This is similar to the Fiero's original rear suspension. Using rear coilover struts reduces the cost - an provides a space-saving alternative - as the trunk may be retained.

Similarities between the two configurations include the cradle structure and mounting points to the Fiero, but the differences are the elimination of the upper control arms and different lower control arms allowing for easy toe adjustment.

Installation of either configuration is basically the same... the cradle and frame extension installation are identical. The differences are limited to the installation of the control arms and coilovers.

The cradle is available in a variety of lengths and widths to accommodate most of the popular wheel base and track options. Universal engine and transaxle mounting pads are in place as standard and purpose built bracketry is available for installation of the more popular engine/transaxle combinations. The four standard Fiero mounting points are retained.
Installation of this cradle system requires modification of the Fiero lower chassis rails, in order to clear the suspension components. This operation should be performed by an experienced frame repairman.  The cradle is supplied finished in metal-etch primer to avoid the need for excessive care during the chassis modifications which would otherwise damage a powder coated finish. The cradle is supplied without the suspension assembled.
The system is designed to use your original Fiero knuckle or upright assemblies, lower ball joints and wheel bearings which are not supplied with the system. Standard Fiero rear brakes may be retained, though we recommend up-grading to the 12" or the 13" rotor systems offered for the standard Fieros from Held Motorsports. The standard outer C.V. joints can be reused , though special axles will be required for most of the commonly used transaxles.

This is truly the ultimate Fiero chassis up-grade, offering race car suspension technology with world class sports car appearance in the engine bay and ride quality you'd want in a high performance luxury road car.