Explanation of Applications and General Description

This engine cradle was originally deveoped to mount a Chevy V8 engine / Porsche transaxle in Fiero-based kitcars. There have been many variations on this original theme... and there are no limits to potential applications - other than your imagination.

Take a look at the collection of photos showing an assembled engine cradle. The cradle pictured below is a narrow track width ( 65" hub-to-hub ) for a V8 / Porsche transaxle. The photos below may give you some ideas for your project...
Rear Quarter View
Rear View
Another Rear View
Yet Another Rear View
Rear View showing the frame extension
Another view showing the frame
Side View showing the frame
Another Side View with the frame
Side View - shown with 15" wheels ( which is a crime - they should be at least 17's )

Next we have a V6 3.5L engine and Chrysler 4 speed automatic transaxle. The engine is a 24 valve variety featuring twin cams. While this is good for performance, the heads are quite wide and therefore require a wide track width ( 67" hub-to-hub ) engine cradle to clear the cylinder heads.

The photos below show an engine/trans from a 1994 Chrysler New Yorker LHS. Note that the wiring harness, coolant lines, etc. are still attached. If you can look past the clutter of these attachments, you will notice that this package makes a nice powertrain when mounted in our compact engine cradle.

Driver's side rocker
Circle shows tight fit of exhaust manifold to upper frame rail
Custom Engine cover available
Ready for paint / emblem
Full side view
another Full side view
View from the front
View of AC compressor
View of Alternator
Top / Front view of engine