Mid - Engine Tubular Subframe

Team 321 LLC offer two different styles of mid-engine tubular subframes. These subframes use similar suspension geometry to Team 321's Independent Rear Suspension design.

The Coil-over strut style design is far easier to install in a Fiero-based kitcar. The two forward mounts at the firewall and the two rear mounts near the trunk are utilized to aid in chassis alignment. The Fiero strut towers are also used... Once the Fiero's Upper and Lower frame rails are cut ( for wheelbase extension ) installation of the subframe is a bolt-in procedure. This allows for easy installation as well as removal for servicing.
The strut-style design may be used for non-Fiero applications, but strut towers must be fabricated to locate the upper strut mounts.


Here is a tubular steel engine cradle that locates the engine / transaxle and rear suspension... This cradle is designed to bolt into the factory mounting locations of a Pontiac Fiero - but modifications may be made to install it into a wide variety of applications... the only limits are your imagination!

Assembly Photos

The photo below shows a Small Block Chevy V8 and Audi transaxle mounted in the subframe.

Here's another view from the side.

This view is from the Passenger's side looking back.

...and one from the passenger's side looking forward.

Installation Photos

The photo below shows the engine and transaxle mounts for a Small Block Chevy V8 and Audi transaxle...

The photo below shows the forward attachment point at the base of the Fiero firewall. Note the slice where the lower frame rail is cut for wheelbase extension.

Here is a photo of the rear mount... The shiny spacer was used to better show how / where the subframe attaches to the Fiero rear mounting location. Utilizing the original, factory Fiero Forward and Rear mounting locations allows for easier alignment of the subframe to the chassis.

Here is a photo of the passenger's side rear lower control arm ( without the alignment 'toe tube' ). Note the cuts to the upper and lower frame rails necessary to extend the Fiero's wheelbase for this subframe.

Factory fiero struts ( pictured below )  may be used... But I recommend upgrading to Koni adjustable coilover struts.

The photo below shows that strut and lower control arm with the toe adjustment link. You may also notice the rear strut knuckle adapter installed. There is a better photo of the knuckle adapter ( prior to installation ) shown below.


The photo below shows a Rear strut / knuckle adapter used to extend the track width 2" on each side. This adapter allows for a +2" track width increase on each side while allowing the struts to locate in the original strut tower mounting holes.

The photo below shows a rear view of the strut... notice the knuckle adapter.

Here is a side view of the subframe showing the gap in the upper and lower frame rails... as well as the sheet metal connecting the two. To complete the installation, the gap in the sheet metal as well as the upper and lower frame rails must be filled with appropriate steel reinforcement.

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The most Frequently Asked Question is - How do I increase my Fiero's wheelbase?

In order to adapt this rear engine cradle / suspension to your Fiero you need to cut the upper and lower frame rails - behind the firewall.
This subframe mounts to the two forward attachment points at the base of the firewall as well as the two rearward mounts under the Fiero's trunk, just behind the strut towers. The December 2005 issue of Kit Car Builder Magazine ( pages 46 - 48 ) shows the steps to "stretch" a Pontiac Fiero...

There is one major difference - and advantage - to using my engine cradle vs. the factory engine cradle or K member... My engine cradle incorporates the extended wheelbase and therefore does not need to be cut and extended... In fact, after cutting the Fiero's upper and lower frame rails, you can bolt in my engine cradle ( attaching the two pieces created by cutting the frame rails ).  While it is easier said than done... after bolting in my cradle, you will have your initial alignment of the frame - all that remains is to weld in the steel tubing to connect the front half to the rear half.

If you would like to install this cradle into a custom built chassis or adapt it to another factory frame, I can provide the dimensions of the mounting locations and provide "weld-in" mounts to ease your fabrication and install.
Such fabrication is not to be taken lightly, and should be done by experienced professionals.

For more information email dave