Cradle shown with V8 engine and Porsche transaxle
complete with suspension, brakes and exhaust systems.



This is the ultimate upgrade for your mid-engine vehicle. Similar to exotic Italian supercars, our engine cradle incorporates formula 1 race car type rear inboard coil-over suspension, 12" or 13" brakes and your choice of Engine and transaxle options.  Our tubular engine cradle allows you to install a high performance drivetrain in a compact space.

The cradle is available in a variety of lengths and widths to accommodate a number of wheel base and track options. Click HERE for more information on track width and wheelbase.

We begin with proven suspension geometry, add engine and transaxle mounting pads for the most popular power plants and provide a number of options to meet your specific needs. Front and rear mounting points on the cradle allow assembly and service of the entire drivetrain ( engine / trans / suspension / brakes ) separate from the vehicle. To restate... the engine cradle can be easily removed from the chassis by removing the four bolts holding it in place, lifting the chassis with a "Cherry-Picker" styled engine lift and rolling the assembled engine cradle back and out from under the chassis. The engine cradle weighs 100 lbs, but its robust construction can deal with high torque small-block Chevy V8's. The cradle is supplied finished in primer or, for an additional charge, powder coat finish is available.


The suspension system utilizes unequal length 'A' arm geometry, though the upper 'A' arm or control arm is configured as a rocker arm and actuates a horizontally mounted coil-over shock. When installed the coil-overs are located end to end over the transaxle, directly behind the engine. The suspension system is self-contained with the cradle, not relying on your vehicle for any mounts etc. This makes for easy servicing.

The system is designed to use GM knuckle or upright assemblies and wheel bearings. Standard GM brakes may be retained, though we recommend up-grading to 12" or 13" brake systems.

The coil-over shocks allow quick and easy ride height adjustments. Externally adjustable shocks are optional equipment, offering a wide range of dampening values and a wide selection of spring rates are available to complete the package. As an added bonus, airbags may substituted ( for an additional charge ) for the coilovers for ultimate adjustability.


Tubular replacement engine cradle subframe (to suit your track width and wheel base requirements).
Tubular lower control arms (powder coated) with polyurethane bushings.
Upper rocker arms (powder coated) with polyurethane bushings.
Coil-over shock and spring assemblies with ride height adjustability.
All necessary hardware.

Rear View showing the frame extension
Another view showing the frame
Side View showing the frame
Another Side View with the frame