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Narrow Crown Vic Front Suspension Crossmember

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Our existing website architecture cannot keep up with the pace of new product development at Team321. We have created a new website to reflect our expanded product line. This intermediate 'click' is temporary as we prepare the new website for prime time!

Team 321 LLC is named for the area code ( 321 ) in Cocoa Beach, Florida. We offer suspension products ranging from Classic Pickup Trucks TruckIRS.com , Independent Rear Suspensions 321IRS.com, mid-engine applications ( like Fiero based Exotic kit cars ) , Custom adjustable strut housings for Koni racing inserts...  as well as some fun stuff like a V8 Coffee Table or a Tube Chassis Exoskeleton Car.


Independent Rear Suspension Kit for Classic Ford and Chevy Trucks

321 IRS.com

Independent Rear Suspension System


Subframe designed to mount V6 / V8 engines and Porshe / Audi transaxles

Double A-arm rocker style - based rear suspension design

For more information email dave@team321.com