Team321's standard IRS configuration features inboard, vertical coilovers. The upper control arms function in a rocker configuration... When the wheel comes up - the upper control arm pivots and compresses the coilover downward.


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While this is a versatile configuration, and continues to be available from Team321,  there are instances where this configuration will not work due to frame rail interference or a variety of other reasons.

With that in mind, Team321 continues to develop alternate IRS configurations to better suit our customer's needs. Team321's modular design allows us to utilize the same Upper and Lower control arm pivot points and base spindle design.

A new IRS configuration is shown immediately below. The animation below shows the up / down movement of the suspension. The unique aspects of this design allow it to be used in a variety of applications. The view of the animation is from the rear of the vehicle.

The animation attempts to show the compression / extension of coilover shocks. It should be pointed out that airshocks can be substituted for coilovers in this configuration.

We call this configuration:

In Angle Rocker

The next animation illustrates another configuration developed by Team321. This configuration locates a coilover from the lower control arm to the vehicle's frame.

We call this configuration:

the Traditional

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There are instances where the upper control arms, rockers, shocks, etc. cause interference with trunk space, passenger space or simply a matter of taste. The use of MacPherson struts is very popular and Team321 has used strut-based rear suspensions in mid-engine applications for years... With that in mind, we present the configuration below... by the way, this configuration costs about $1000 less than other designs! You will have to fab the strut towers, but this configuration offers the use of an IRS where one may not be possible.

We call this configuration:

Strut IRS

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The latest configuration is similar to our "In Angle Rocker" design. The difference is  the location of the push-rod that activates the triangular rocker. The push rod attaches directly to the spindle. This allows additional frame rail clearance.

We call this one :

Over - the - Top

New configurations, like those shown above, illustrate the versatility and willingness of Team321 to come up with unique designs for your suspension needs. Call or email with your needs... (321)960-5945