Team321 uses a Ford 8.8 differential used in Thunderbird, Cougar and Lincoln Mark VIII from 1989 - 1997. This differential was chosen due to its wide availability and low price. These differentials are available from your local wrecking yard ( used ) as well as new from Ford Racing. Click HERE to view the details.

A second differential option is a Quick Change IRS differential from Speedway Engineering. Click HERE for more info on this Quick Change differential.

Differential Top View

Differential Front View

Another Differential Top View

The differential is mounted in the IRS center section between the two coilover shocks.

The IRS center section ( shown above ) locates the differential, the Upper and Lower control arm attachment points and the coilover shocks.

The center section also connects the Rear Suspension to the chassis.

The circle above highlights the center section of the IRS located in a finished chassis.


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