Photos of Customers using a Team321 Independent Rear Suspension

Valyrian Steel is the name of this beast. I was contacted to design the Independent Rear Suspension incorportating over the top coilovers, inboard brakes, quick change IRS differential and a variety of oversized Specs that I simply could not believe... 100 inch track width, 50 inch diameter tires, etc. But the guys at Playaworks pulled it off. Happy to be a part of this build.
Do a search on Valyrian Steel SEMA and you will find a ton of photos and images online.

1962 Mercury Comet - Dual Coilover IRS -

1960's Econoline Van - Dual Shockwave IRS -

QUAD ROD - Rocker Style - by Brimstone Cycles

Datsun Z Car - Rocker Style IRS - Full Tube Chassis

1935 Ford -