We provide FREE 2D Mechanical Drawing services... This free service will not last forever - so take advantage of it now.

I create and maintain a library of mechanical drawings for my own products, and before I learned CAD, it was always difficult to get someone to do a simple drawing for me... Now that I can do CAD design, I'm offering that service to others.

I use my drawings - .dxf files - to drive a computer-driven laser-cutting, water jet or plasma cutting machine. The higher the volume of pieces I send to someone for this service, the cheaper ( per piece ) it is for me. If you would like to have your pieces cut - let me know and I can include them with mine when I have my pieces cut... Laser-cutting is not cheap, so I cannot offer this service for free... I'm offering free 2D CAD drawings... not the actual cutting of the pieces.

If you send me a hand-drawn design or JPEG file I can get started... The resulting 2D CAD drawing will be in .dxf format   I have included some sample images below - a .dxf drawing, and two 3D renderings of the same drawing... Click the small images below to see a larger version.


For more information email dave